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Church hall available for hire in Rickmansworth

A space has become available for a nursery or playgroup to hire at St Mary’s Church, Rickmansworth.

The space has the following:

  • light and spacious hall (135 meters squared) with clean beech flooring
  • hall is available each week day from 9am - 4pm
  • hall has a secure entrance
  • church centre has a staffed office each morning
  • outdoor space off main hall
  • kitchen facilities
  • toilets - male, female, access
  • storage space.

If you are interested in this space, please contact Katrina Bond at or 01923 721002.

Stay on track with regular business reviews

CBIS logoCBIS, our independent business consultant, offers regular free business reviews for childcare providers. You may find it useful to access one of their mentors to regularly review your business against the goals you have set yourself.

Whether you want to keep track of your finances, marketing, know what parents are looking for or operational practicalities, CBIS can help you reflect at regular intervals and take stock or re-adjust your plans.

You can arrange a regular slot with one of the CBIS mentors either on site or online.

Every three to six months is good depending on how you manage your setting. At the session CBIS will look at your aims, progress, challenges and opportunities to help you stay focussed on achieving your goals and take positive steps forward.

The sessions are free and confidential.

You can book your first session here.

Parent networks

Families in Focus are offering parent network support and information drop in sessions for parents, adoptive parents, grandparents caring for children with any additional need/disability/chronic health condition including Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, PDA, Diabetes, Crohn’s and Colitis etc.

This is a chance for parents to meet other families and share experiences/knowledge in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Each session will also include a ‘Families in Focus guide to…’ learning topic.

Information about the sessions taking place can be found on the attached posters below.

BFI celebration event

Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust will be celebrating the successes of the BFI stage 3 re-accreditation by holding a joint BFI celebration event.

This event is open to any staff that have supported the programmes and it would be great if we could have a representative from each family centre district attend.

The BFI awards 2019 will be presented to staff during this event.

You can book onto this event here.

Change4Life shake up games pack

Change4Life have developed a take-home pack full of fun Disney inspired games to encourage physical activity throughout the summer holidays.

The Disney themed Change4Life ten minute shake up games take-home pack is full of fun games to get kids moving over the summer holidays and discover which Disney character they're most like.

In addition, it boosts students' physical activity, by using the accompanying PowerPoint to encourage them to think creatively and design their own shake up game, based on their favourite Disney character.

You can order your packs here version so you know what to look out for.

You can also search Change4Life to get more tips and ideas to keep your kids moving over the summer (and beyond).

Life skills for little ones - starting school or nursery

Jane Mellor, early years librarian writes ‘Over the summer, many of you will be working with families who have children preparing to make the transition into new settings in September. It can be a time of great anxiety for both parents and children.

Hertfordshire libraries have plenty of picture books that can prepare children for this big change in their life and help to dispel any worries or fears they may have. Check out the titles attached which are all available to reserve from our website.

Don’t forget to encourage children to join the Space Chase which is this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. It is a fantastic way to help develop a love of reading as well as a great foundation for children starting school.’

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