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Spring funding return submission

The spring 2020 funding return is now open for submission; this covers the period 01/01/20 – 31/03/20. Your funding return must be submitted no later than 4pm on Friday 17 January 2020.

Please note the following.

  • Please refer to the online user guides as these cover the entire system and should help with any queries you have.
  • Children who appear on your return who are now in reception can simply be removed by deleting the relevant line.
  • Please note this period has a maximum of 11 weeks (for the term-time 38 week offer) as it ends at the end of March 20. Any funding for hours delivered at the start of April will be claimed in your summer 2020 return.
  • Early years pupil premium (EYPP) checks are carried over from autumn 2019 and all children who were not eligible are rechecked when you start your return. Please ensure that you have entered all the information required to check for EYPP.
  • Any queries relating to 30 hours free childcare eligibility for spring 2020 please refer to the previous article as the guidelines are very clear. If a new code for a child has been supplied then please email this to along with the old code so this can be updated for you.
  • Please remember to tick DAF where you are claiming the Disability Access Fund for financial year 2019/20; you may be required to provide evidence if this has not been done so before.
  • For non-schools as part of your funding return submission you may be required to complete the Early Years Census, this is a statutory return for DfE and must be completed to receive funding, the portal will guide you through this process.

The finance section accessible from the main menu of the portal allows you to see all your budget share payments for financial year 2019/20 and when you will receive them. You can narrow by funding period, however please note the submission week figures currently show as zero. These will populate when you submit your funding return, however please note any reconciliation could be positive or negative depending on your return and may affect scheduled budget share payments. So please check your finance section after submission.

Children’s progress data reporting – spring 2020

In autumn 2019 early years providers input on to the early years portal progress data for children for the first time. Following in depth feedback from many providers we have developed this section of the early years portal.

However, the new developments has led to the actual collection of this data being placed in adjustment week each term and not in the main funding return week which is in the beginning of each term. This change of date will allow you to show the progress of each child in the actual term they are attending. The vast majority of providers already use adjustment week to make changes to their original funding submission so this links well with this activity and eases the administrative burden at the start of each term.  

More information on the new feature will be made available at the end of January and you will be able to start inputting this data from 3 February 2020 for submission in adjustment week which is the week commencing  2 March 2020.  

If you have any queries please contact

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