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Oral health survey of 3 year olds

HCC are working with Public Health to improve the oral health of our children as evidence shows that we need to be intervening earlier to prevent tooth decay and tooth extraction. Our local Hertfordshire community dental team will be undertaking an oral health survey of 2,500 three year old children this year and we need your help to do this.

Our dental fieldwork teams from Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust will contact randomly sampled nurseries and playgroups across Hertfordshire between December 2019 and April 2020 to set up dates for the survey.

We need your support to complete this survey:

We will need some information about eligible children. The NHS dental team will be in contact to ask for your involvement and will ask for a list of all children who may be included in the survey.

We will need parent/carer’s consent. We are asking you to send a letter home to families asking for consent to examine each child’s teeth; the template letter will be provided to you.

We will need a space to undertake the examinations. On the day of examination, which will have been agreed with you in advance, the team will set up their mobile equipment in an agreed room/space at the site and undertake brief examinations of the children’s teeth. These examinations take no more than a minute.

What happens after the survey? All of the information is anonymised by the team and collated into a report which will help us locally and nationally to improve the oral health of children. We have a local oral health multi agency alliance which will drive forward change and improvements.

If you have any questions please contact Josh Parnell, Family Services Commissioning at

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